Care Coordination & Daily Money Management

We partner with you...
We do whatever it takes!
— Pat Manalio

What is a Daily Money Manager (DMM)?

DMMs are experienced professional bringing clarity and order to an individual's daily management of bills, budgets, and record keeping.

A DMM can save you time and hassle and negotiate on your behalf. A DMM can also work with or refer you to other professionals such as tax, legal, and investment advisors.

What is a care Coordinator?

Care Coordinators are professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for senior citizens and disabled individuals along with their families by providing guidance and oversight for the care.


Who uses these services?

Anyone can benefit from the services of a DMM or Care Coordinator.

Typical clients include:

  • Senior citizens

  • The disabled

  • Busy professionals

  • Adult children managing an aging parent's affairs

  • Small businesses

Who we are:

Since 1996, Strategic Management Partners has provided day to day money management and care coordination on an hourly basis to senior men and women. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual.

our qualifications:

  • Pat Manalio is a Certified Senior Advisor

  • Pat Manalio is a Past President of AADMM

  • Appointed by the Veterans Administration as a Federal Fiduciary

  • Member of AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Managers)

our services include:

Cash Management/Banking

  • Open/review and respond to mail

  • Organize and review bills for payment and accuracy

  • Contact vendors as necessary

  • Prepare checks

  • Make bank deposits; arrange for direct deposits and transfers

  • Reconcile bank statements

  • Monitor credit card activity for accuracy and to avoid fraud

  • Reconcile credit card statements

  • Reconcile investment statements

  • Track income and expenses, investment gains/losses

  • Organize and maintain filing system

  • Provide monthly income and expense reports

  • Maintain a personal balance sheet

  • Interact with CPA, bankers, and other financial or legal advisors

Income Taxes

  • Organize records to streamline tax preparation

  • Monitor estimated tax payments

  • Document non-cash donations to maximize deductions

  • Determine cost basis of securities on purchases and/or dividend reinvestment plans

  • Interact with tax preparer

Care Coordination

  • Act as patient advocate

  • Oversee hospital, ALU, and Nursing Center care

  • Participate in care plan meetings

  • Make medical appointments

  • Arrange for appropriate transportation to medical appointments

  • Accompany client to medical appointments

  • Arrange and oversee companion care services as needed

  • Communicate with health care professionals

  • Communicate with family members

Medical Claims Management

  • Organize medical bills and related paperwork for accuracy and filing

  • Submit and file medical claims with primary and secondary insurance

  • Review and verify Explanation of Benefits against actual medical bills

  • Ensure correct reimbursement

  • Assist, as necessary, in challenging medical claim denials

  • Communicate with health care providers and insurance companies

  • Coordinate with health care providers to avoid duplicate payment


  • Assist with finding appropriate living arrangements for seniors

  • Manage packing and moving, arrival and set up at new location

  • Arrange for auction houses and appraisers to review items for sale

  • Work with consignment shops, auction houses, etc.

  • Identify community-based organizations for item donations

  • Document and track donations for income tax purposes

  • Coordinate change of address, mail forwarding, and telephone set-up

General Services

  • Communicate with family members to keep them informed of status

  • Make recommendations to improve quality of life

  • Assist with preparing an inventory of important documents

  • Prepare correspondence

  • Personal purchases

  • Personal visits

  • Assist with estate administration

Why use strategic management partners?

We are more than Daily Money Managers. We are trusted professionals providing practical solutions to manage your paperwork and improve the quality of your life through appropriate care coordination services.